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I am Alvin C. Hill IV, Founder and CEO of Real Life Business Solutions, LLC. I began my journey after a major setback in my life left me with a credit score of 504, I decided that I wanted to do whatever it took to get my score back to a 750. I searched out companies and found none that I was comfortable with, so I looked into ways I could fix my credit myself.

After looking into DIY options, I ran across the sales funnel for Credit Repair Cloud and signed up for their masterclass and learned as much as possible. I took their class on starting your own credit repair business and bought their book on the subject. Then I decided to start my own credit repair business.

I have a degree in Business Administration and entrepreneurial experience, but the personal aspect of credit repair was a totally different animal. While making sure to be totally in compliance, I realized that I could’ve used help in the process and decided to learn as much about business and business credit. I found a great mentor in Aazim Sharp from Leaf Credit Solutions, who helped me understand the importance of business credit and helped me get educated on the subject.

Using myself as my first client, like I did with my personal credit repair knowledge, I began to build my own business credit. The process of building business credit depended mostly on the foundation of the entity at startup, so I decided to offer all the services necessary to put my clients in the best position to build business credit and apply for funding.

Today, Real Life Business Solutions stands as a leader in consumer and corporate credit building. We have a team of experts that specialize in branding, marketing, and everything else that a business could use to succeed. We have a great team of credit repair experts including one of the best dispute teams in the personal credit repair business. This has helped us get negative items deleted and get our clients the credit scores they need. Great results have helped us grow exponentially, as word of mouth spreads, and good business leads to more good business.

I am excited to help people who have had the same issues that I have had. No matter how bad things look, there are always ways to make them better. I have found a lot of these “ways” the hard way, so that my clients don’t have to.
Experience is what makes a good consultant great and I strive to be the best.