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Schedule a Free Strategy Call to Determine Your Needs

Business consulting is not a one size fits all business. We will not quote a price for any of our small business solutions until we are able to speak with you and determine how much time and experience is needed to meet your particular needs.

We use our 15-30 minute strategy call to efficiently determine what your company needs to grow and exactly what we can do to help. By the time this call ends, we will know exactly which of our services will work for you.

Schedule Strategy Call

Entity Formation

Are you confused about which entity is best for your business? Does a DBA, LLC, or LLP sound like health insurance plans to you? We are here to help you properly form your business and retrieve the documentation needed to open a business bank account and merchant accounts to help you get paid.

Business Consulting

We have over a dozen years of experience and we look to help small businesses overcome some of the issues that plague them, because we were once there ourselves. Our consulting services are unmatched.

Business Strategy Building

No two businesses are alike and you have to know exactly what sets you apart if you want to market properly. We will assist you in finding the strength of your company and how to leverage that no matter what field you're in.

Business Plans

It does not matter if you plan on obtaining funding or you are just looking for a roadmap to success, a good business plan goes a long way. We craft a one-of-a-kind business plan for each of our clients and we do not stop until they are satisfied.

Marketing Plans

If you have never heard of the four Ps of marketing, you are not alone. We will help you understand things like creating the proper product at the proper price located in the proper place and promoted properly, so you can reach your sales potential.

Branding and Rebranding

Who are you? Why does your customer want to do business with you and not ``the other guys``? These are some of the questions that we will ask as we carve out a specific niche for you to conquer.